3/30 PCR Redo

Our PCR results from trial one were inconclusive, so we remade the PCR reactions paying close attention to the water concentration and order in which we made the master mix. Reaction 1: Positive Control with PSII primers Reaction 2: Negative Control with PSII primers Reaction 3: Positive Control with GMO primers Reaction 4: Negative Control with GMO primers Reaction … Continue reading 3/30 PCR Redo


3/28 Loading and Running the Gel

Today we used the PCR products we ran yesterday to see if we successfully amplified the RBCL Gene. We prepared samples 20 uL of each of the PCR products mixed with 4 uL of 6x Loading Dye. We loaded each of these samples, as well as 10 uL of 10 Log Ladder into a .7% … Continue reading 3/28 Loading and Running the Gel