4/7 DNA Extraction of Test Foods

Today, we began our actual experiment by extracting DNA from 5 different brands of cereal.  The process starting by picking out a small piece of cereal which to get DNA from.  That small chunk was put into a 2mL tube that already contained 500ul of a 1% saline solution and was vortexed with a mini-pestle for about 2 minutes.  The tube was then centrifuged for 2 minutes to get the chunks on the bottom of the tube.  It was again vortexed again with the mini-pestle until the solution was a liquid.  Then 100μl of the cereal solution was added to a tube containing 300μl of chelex.  The new tube was vortexed for around 1 minute and placed in a hot bath at 95 degrees C for 10 minutes.  The final steps were to centrifuge the tube for 2 minutes and then take 50μl of the supernatant in a new tube.  This process was repeated for each of the 5 brands of cereal used in the experiment.


Test Foods


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