5/11 Reviewing the Final Gel/Cleanup

Lindsay and Danielle viewed the image of the latest gel and annotated it. We determined that the 35S promoter primers worked, but the Rubisco primers did not cut. Afterwards, we cleaned the sink and equipment around the lab.


5/9 Loading/Running the Final Gel

With the final PCR done, the next step was to pour a gel and load the samples onto it to see if the PCR worked. Dr. Todd already poured the gel when we came in, so we poured TAE buffer into the gel running box and the gel. We removed the well combs and loaded … Continue reading 5/9 Loading/Running the Final Gel

5/22 More PCR

After looking at the results from the previous gel we ran, we think some of the DNA we are using might be degrading. We redid a chelex extraction with cereals A and B. Then, we ran PCR with the new DNA from those two cereals, a negative control (just the primers), and a positive control … Continue reading 5/22 More PCR

4/25 Analyzing GMO Gradient Reactions/Making Master Mix

First, we reviewed the gel results of the GMO primer gradient reactions, which was pretty successful. Even though the negative control was contaminated, there was good amplification in the higher temperature reactions. To fix the issue with the contaminated negative control, we will use new water in our future reactions. We've concluded that Cereal D … Continue reading 4/25 Analyzing GMO Gradient Reactions/Making Master Mix