Trial 1 – Gel Results

annotated gel trial 1

Inconclusive results, so we will redo.

Trial 2 – Gel Results

annotated gel trial 2

Better amplification, so we will continue onto testing test foods.

Test Foods – Gel Results

Test food gel results

Faint amplification most likely due to dye that was suspect.

Test Foods Gel Result with Rubisco Primers and Dr. Todd’s GMO Primers

annotated gel of test foods 1

Inconclusive results for some samples. Cereal D amplified well, so that sample will be used in gradient reactions.

Rubisco Gradient Reactions Gel

rubisco gradient gel

57.3 degrees Celsius resulted in the best amplification.

GMO Gradient Reactions Gel

GMO gradient gel

57.8 degrees Celsius resulted in the best amplification.

Rubisco and GMO with Optimal Temperatures Gel

gel with both primers and optimal temps trial 1

Cereals A and B showed degradation of DNA. No GMO primers appeared.

PAGE Gel Results

annotated gel PAGE

Cereal D cut with both Rubisco and GMO Primers



Final Gel